The Rooster’s Fall Trivia Season is over after 14 awesome Sundays and more than 40 different competing teams. Congratulations to Quizlamic Jihad who won a keg of Boxing Cat Contender beer who bolted to a dominating lead after a mid-season stretch of 7 straight victories. The 2nd place prize of a bottle of Jameson Whiskey was much more hotly contested with So Lowered Expectations holding onto their lead in the final weeks to edge Jacque Quizto by a narrow margin of 25 points.

Although the Rooster Trivia Season has concluded, that doesn’t mean trivia Sunday’s are finished. This upcoming Sunday the 18th, Dan Harlan from the winning Quizlamic Jihad team will be hosting trivia at 7pm with his own unique rules and format but with the same great prizes for winners.

Sunday’s in January will also feature celebrity (guest) trivia hosts as we gear up for the next Rooster Trivia Season beginning on February 12th right after Chinese New Year.

Quizlamic Jihad wins the Fall Trivia Season

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