On Nov. 5th The Rooster was thrilled to host local animal group Best Friends China for their dog adoption and fundraising event. Dozens of dogs came to play, many humans had a great time, and in the end 4 puppies found new homes and over 8,000rmb was raised for local animal shelters. Everyone had such an amazing time and we cannot wait to do it again! Enjoy the pictures and be sure to follow us on WeChat (id: roosterchina) or Facebook to stay informed of our upcoming promotions and events.02919faf-a66f-410b-9f74-eeb5ec66ec2e e886bfc6-9cfe-4171-a8f0-3b3dd8af7451 9a26fa4f-fb37-4ebd-9c01-6f95a97ce411 c8532d65-7231-4d3a-b5e5-05f4ab49b965 9918e22d-8388-43dc-a7fe-1daa3380b0a1 487357e3-327b-41e3-a28e-16a226040fd2 af98a614-4a79-433b-918e-e7f30322a873 0028239e-5622-4900-80bd-460e6b3645a3 d3d8bdb4-1743-4a95-b9c4-6fd5d871fda3 cde4e511-4953-4beb-8d57-ca9be6d83672 322f9a77-dd0f-407f-b6c0-87e466c1bbd8 71e6fee8-2e83-4583-a689-db28018e501f e62b11b7-841a-43c2-a115-baa105396d1e 5a05f2f3-9001-48b2-a9d9-b126512fcb2c


BFC Adoption Day a massive success!

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